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    After years as a coffee drinker, one day I discovered pure leaf teas and since then I have fallen in love with tea and its rituals. First of all, it’s always a discovery of different aromas and flavours that I get to savour in countries of origin or while tasting the new annual harvests which are never the same as the previous ones.

    I love the atmosphere of hospitality and conviviality that is created around a cup of tea and that leads people to stop, talk and share. I like the feeling of being able to understand the spirit of a place through a few sips.

    Tea is a journey to rituals and cultures of distant worlds and a lifetime is not enough to become a true expert of this extraordinary drink. When I went abroad I realized how current tea was and therefore I developed the desire to tell about its contemporary allure.

    To continue to refine my knowledge and select some of the best crus, I regularly travel to Asia.

    Tea Instructor

    I believe in the possibility of having, thanks to proper training, a world of tea in which it is possible to recognize quality products with professionalism and an expert palate. A sector in which it is possible with great commitment to find the best solutions for each reality and market segment. I chose to teach because I believe in the idea of training professionals, who are able to become tomorrow’s experts who will make this sector an Italian excellence too. Moreover, the continuous discussion with my students brings me great satisfaction as well as exchanges of creative ideas.

    In Chà Tea Atelier’s tea room I organize tasting courses and for Protea Academy I am in charge of teaching professional TAC Tea Sommelier courses. I collaborate with excellent companies in the Horeca sector including Bartenders Academy Italia and Accademia Ferri dal 1905.

    Founder of Chà Tea Atelier

    In November 2010, I set up Chà Tea Atelier with the intention of creating the first tea room in Milan where culture and tradition meet innovation and new trends in tea.

    The atelier is specialized in the sale of high quality leaf teas and offers a selection of over 150 types from China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malawi, Rwanda and South Africa which are also available online.

    International judge

    The many trips to tea producing countries abroad, in search of the best teas or for my book Tea Sommelier’s presentations, have led me to several international collaborations, including the opportunity to become a judge in various competitions. Through this I have participated in events aimed at selecting the best teas and tea masters in the world. An experience that enriches from a human, professional and cultural point of view and that further motivates me to improve my theoretical and practical skills in a perspective of continuous improvement.

    Thanks to my experience in this role, I was awarded the title of Certified International Judge at TMC Tea Masters Cup Competition.

    Co-founder of Protea Academy

    As co-founder and president of Protea Academy, an association that aims to promote tea culture, I work with passion and commitment to ensure that the values and authentic knowledge of the tea world are spread with consistency, transparency, professionalism, seriousness and respect for all those who work as professionals in this sector.

    Protea Academy, exclusive partner in Italy and first in Europe of THAC (Tea and Herbal Association of Canada), is a non-profit organization affiliated to the Italian Association of Culture and Sport (AICS) and full member of the International Tea Committee.
    Protea Academy is the national coordinator of the Tea Masters Cup and organizer of the European Tea Show, a trade fair event for tea professionals and enthusiasts.

    Tea Speaker

    In several international conferences and tea forums aimed at professionals in the sector, I was invited as a speaker to witness the latest trends in tea and food pairing in Italy and Europe. To name a few:

    • World Tea Forum: Corea – October 2013
    • World Tea Championship: Corea – September 2014
    • World Tea Championship: Corea – November 2015
    • Mount Emei International Tea Culture Exhibition: Sichuan, Cina – April 2016
    • International Tea Forum – Enshi, Yichan, Cina – September 2017
    • The 1st International Green Tea Conference Shengzhou, Zhejiang, Cina – March 2019.
    • 4th Annual International Tea Conference (online) – Yibin, Sichuan, Cina – May 2021.